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How To Deal With A Manager Who’s On An Ego Trip

You know the type: He thinks that the world revolves around him and he makes decisions just because he has the power. He sucks up to his own boss so he can remain in a position of authority while treating all of his subordinates like dirt. A manager on an ego trip is dangerous for everyone who reports to him, so here are a few tips on how to deal with one. 1- Do Your Job Whatever you do, don’t do anything that might cost you your job. It might be difficult to take orders from a manager on an ego trip, but you might be sacrificing your financial security if you rebel too early in the game. Your manager might actually like it if you were to step out of line — it would give him a reason to fire you — so don’t give him the ammunition he needs. Instead, focus on your job and your daily tasks to take your mind off of it. 2- Give Yourself Some Space Whenever possible, extricate yourself from a potentially flammable situation. When dealing with a manager on an ego trip, your best bet is to stay out of his line of fire. Managers like that look for easy targets, so don’t allow yourself to become one. Stay in your office or in another part of the building and turn in your work on time. During meetings, avoid speaking directly to your manager except when absolutely necessary. 3- Avoid Unsafe Working Conditions If your manager is on an ego trip and, as a result, puts employees in danger, you have an obligation to correct the problem. It is one thing to take occasional flak from your manager, but quite another to put your life or health in jeopardy. As an employee, you are entitled to safe working conditions and a healthy atmosphere, so do what you can to correct this situation. 4- Switch Departments Managers often shift unproductive employees into lateral transfers in order to “get rid of them”, but you can instigate such a maneuver yourself. If there is another company in the department where your expertise could be of use, ask for a transfer to get away from a manager on an ego trip. Some corporations allow you to request a transfer during performance review time or after a certain period of employment. If this is the case, take advantage of your next opportunity. 5- Avoid Confrontations When your manager is on an ego trip, he is frothing at the mouth for a confrontation. That kind of controversy feeds his need to feel powerful, so don’t give it to him. If you find yourself growing angry or resentful, take a walk or fake a phone call to get away from the situation. If you act respectful and cooperative all the time, he will find someone else to pick on — an easier target.

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